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Our Finca CANDELARIA is divided in one area dedicated to the organization and development of the activities, the other to the lodging.

We want you to feel at home, without fixed schedules but with a broad personalized service, always looking after you comfort.

We have designed four different room types, each one with its own charming character, in demand of different requirements.



The offered activities in CANDELARIA EXPERIENCE are being developed in a unique environment to enjoy some of your favorite’s sports or simply experience very different ways of entertainment, reaching new sensations surrounded by a natural landscape that can never leave you indifferent.

Going for a ride through the impressive mountain of Gredos or flying over one of the most wonderful landscapes allowing your adrenaline to go “over the top” … are some of your possibilities.

Our Location


In the southern part of Gredos, where we are placed, you will find amazing landscapes full of oaks, small lakes and crystalline waterfalls descending directly from the highest peak, the Almanzor. All of this makes the majestic mountain range of Gredos an authentic paradise for its flora and the most important species of its fauna: the Hispanic wild goat.

This area is very special, not only because of its particular microclimate that has very pleasant temperatures during the whole year, but also because of the numerous interesting places which influenced our history, art and tradition such as The Old Roman Road (in Puerto del Pico), The Grottos called Las Cuevas del Águila and nearby traditional towns as Candeleda or El Barco de Ávila.

Our service includes:

Restoration : breakfast

Photography service

All taken images during the activities will be stored a folder in dropbox , a great departure gift so that you can always remember a wonderful experience, hopefully unforgettable.

Bicycle service

E-Bikes prior reservation available.


Tell us if you want to book our Paddle court.


Our turkish bath and jacuzzi are at your disposal during your stay with us.

Vegetable garden

You can have the privilege of collecting yourself and tasting all the fruits and vegetables, grown organically, directly from the garden.

Football table & Billiard


Aircraft Trip

A trip in our small aircraft is avalaible for everyone who buys an excursion either horseback-riding or waterski!

About Us


CANDELARIA EXPERIENCE has grown from the believe of sharing the enthusiasm for life and passion for nature, horses and sport in the Sierra de Gredos.

Our aspiration is to give you what you are looking for. In our lovely countryside house, we wish to achieve your full relax , offering a service worthy of the best luxury hotels, but with the sense of freedom of being at home, being treated in the most exclusive way.

What really makes CANDELARIA EXPERIENCEspecial is the number of activities and entertainment possibilities that can be combined and performed in nature.

We distinguish ourselves for offering a unique experience in every way focusing especially on an exclusive entertainment.

It will be an experience you can design just to your liking.

Be surprised!

Where we are